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The Human Body Anatomy Facts and Activity Book for Kids: Explore the Organ Systems with Diagrams, Hands-On Learning for Grades 4-7

Great and Fun Activities to Help Kids Ages 8 to 14 Learn All about their Bodies.

Check out what’s happening inside your body with this kid’s anatomy book. You’ll take a tour of your tissues, organs, muscles, and bones, and find out how they work together to help you move, think, and grow with the fun activities, hands-on experiment ideas, and colorful illustrations in the human anatomy activity book for children. You will know facts about your brain, heart, lungs, digestive system, muscular system, immune, respiratory, skeletal system, DNA, and more. Find on-the-page activities like matching, coloring, word search puzzles, mazes, color by numbers, and more. It teaches kids about the human body; highlights fun facts to draw them into the material and help them engage with it; and includes really, really cool activities to solidify their knowledge and bring it into a hands-on form. Describes our complicated body systems and their functions in an easy to read, developmentally appropriate format targeted for this inquisitive age group. This book offers parents and educators the opportunity to expand their own knowledge and connect creatively alongside young learners as they explore nature’s most wondrous creation—the human body. This book has an activity for every kid and caregiver. She explains the concepts in a kid-friendly approach while also using medical terminology, striking a developmental balance between younger and older readers. The experiments provide hands-on activities to solidify more abstract concepts while also creating a fun way to learn. Elementary and middle schools as well as homeschool programs can use the book as either a primary or complementary resource for learning.

Activities: - Complete activities, puzzles, mazes, word search, color by numbers, and more on your exciting journey.
Health Tips: - Children will learn how to make their bodies healthy and strong. Daily routine, skin, and teeth care, and more.
Detailed visual guides: - Colorful pictures and diagrams show you the names of all your body parts, and how we move, breathe, and grow.
Fun facts: - This kid’s anatomy book is packed full of fascinating tidbits, like why your body grows hair and how to work heart
Easy to use: - This helps children grasp new concepts and strengthen existing ones

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