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Space Coloring and Activity Book for Kids Ages 4-8: Coloring, Mazes, Dot to Dot, Puzzles and More! (80 Space Illustrations)

Updated: Added Facts about the Solar System. Fantastic Outer Space Coloring with Planets, Astronauts, Space Ships, Rockets (Children's Coloring Books, Kids Activities)!!! 80 Space Illustrations

Our Space Activity Book provides hours of fun-filled activities that promote critical thinking, math skills, and problem-solving. It is one of the best ways to educate kids, but at the same time entertain them. Your children will have the opportunity to practice fundamental skills like reading, counting, and enhancing creativity, all while developing a love for learning. For kids who love our universe, this book features the coolest puzzles for kids who can't get enough of our planet Earth, cool asteroids, fun aliens, comets, and so much more. An exciting interactive title chock-full of stars, planets, the Milky Way galaxy, aliens, rockets, the solar system, the universe, astronomers, adventures, and discoveries.

Solar System Facts: You know about our Solar system, planets, our Sun, Black Hole, Milky Way, Asteroid, Comet, Meteor, Earth's atmosphere, Moon phases and more.
Includes Activities: Complete activities, puzzles, mazes, experiments, connects the dots, color by numbers, copy the picture, and more on your exciting journey.
Colorful and Fun: Entertaining illustrations and images will help your child further develop and retain learned stem skills to prepare for school. Improve hand-eye coordination skills with our activities.
Easy to Use: This helps children grasp new concepts and strengthen existing ones.
Encouraging and Fun for Young Learners: Help our Astronaut get across the solar system and back in time!
Large activities are made easy to see with simple, cute picture themes.
Large 8 1/2 x 11-inch pages.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
Over 80 Activities and Facts about Solar System
ISBN: 978-1090944009

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